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BLAQK AUDIO SHOW - Puffy Mushrooms United [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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BLAQK AUDIO SHOW [Sep. 12th, 2007|07:50 pm]
Puffy Mushrooms United

YÉY! so I'm trying to upload my vids and pics of the Blaqk Audio show and by "trying" I really mean that it's the first time I'm doing that so if it doesn't work please help me? 

Okay so these are the links for each video I uploaded but there's 2 that are too long I guess for youtube so if someone could just explain how I could .. well if there's a particular way for you to see them. that would be nice : )       (If I did somehting wrong please tell me)
I'm sorry but these are juste little piecesof songs. The whole and the almost entire song I really wanted to share... well I just can't find a way to put them on youtube so :S . Help?
(see myspace for the pics)

Also (this concerns jany and méli) I wondered if I could have your videos and pictures too? like if you could send them to me because ... well there's no real reason for that one, just because I want them on my computer? arrff if it's too much trouble just forget though. 

Wish you found the show as awsome as I found it (please don't hate me Kath for saying that, I really wished you would have been there with us with davey's crotch (yeah really) two inches from our faces (; ) . 

I love you all <3 

see you again soon


From: punkstitute
2007-09-13 02:27 am (UTC)
I'm glad you girls had fun [and saw Davey's crotch, woah.] :D
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(Deleted comment)
From: naked_peekaboo8
2007-09-14 12:00 am (UTC)
haha no problem
take your time I don't mind as long as I get to see them ;)
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