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puffy_mushrooms's Journal

Puffy Mushrooms United
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It's about friends, it's about gossip, it's about life, it's about us.

Ok, so I talked about making this community a while ago,
but I never got around to really create the thing.
So after a few thoughts from mostly Méli,
I decided to make this community.

So here's the thing.
We won't go at the same CEGEP next year.
And we somehow NEED to keep in touch.
I really don't feel like sending you a
stupid e-mail to tell you how my life
is going every week. But here, I CAN!

Well, not exactly.

This community is here so you can
post home movies about yourself.
You film yourself, friends, or whatever
(at least make it INTERESTING or FUNNY)
you host it on the net,
and then POOF!
You post it in an entry here.

If you can't video yourself easely,
or your sister has eaten your cam,
then at least add some pictures
to your entry.

Okay, they're not REALLY rules.
More guiding lines.

- Every post needs to be original and
contain an element of creativity.
(e.g.: a movie, pictures, game, etc).
Use the rainbow above your head that we all call

- Like any community that respects itself,
I would like to inform you that all posts
exceeding about 1000 words should have an introduction
and under it: an LJ-CUT.
To learn how to make an LJ-CUT,
check LJ's F.A.Q.;

- You can also post information you have learned
(still using an ORIGINAL way to do so) that doesn't
really have something to do with your life. (e.g.:
Siska's boxers are violet), but keep in mind that
we don't want the community spammed with these.
Save it for the most important, please;

- If you're about to use a screen name
(like Emily being a castor), always use the same one
to avoid confusion amongst our very respected


1. Create an LJ account. (It's not THAT hard!)

2. Join the community by clicking on the link above.

3. To host your videos, create a free account on
and host your goodies there.

4. http://www.photobucket.com is a good site
to host pictures. You still need to create
an account, though.